Shell Radiator Stop Leak


A temporary radiator and coolant system repair fluid that is suitable for use in automotive and heavy duty engines of all types; petrol, diesel and gas.


  • Non-hazardous ingredients <40%

How to use

Do not remove radiator cap when engine is hot.

Turn on vehicle’s engine and ensure heater is on. Run the engine until operating temperature is reached. Shake bottle and add Shell Radiator Stop Leak to the radiator. Top up with demineralised water (if required) and replace radiator cap. Allow engine to run for a further fifteen minutes to ensure distribution of Shell Radiator Stop Leak through the system. Check for leaks.

Application Rates:

Add 500mL of Shell Radiator Stop Leak per 10 litres of coolant or part thereof. Seek advice from Radiator specialist as soon as possible.

Non-Hazardous. Keep out of reach of children.